Meet the Kakinadian who is up against all the odds and building his dream startup

The team is currently busy in turning the Idea into a reality & looking for the Crowdfunding.

Kakinada, Kakinada Smart City, Startups in Kakinada, Travel startups

Kakinada, the city we all love and cherish no matter where we are, pursuing education, career, life or love, we always are connected to it, like a child to mother. Our city, is known for many things from cool breeze at the beach to the hot sun which kills, from making short films for phone screens to making hits at silver screen, from making the city’s most loved Tomato Bhajji at Boat’s Club to making the most loved sweet candy of Andhra Pradesh (and Telangana).

We Kakinadians were always driven by positivity and love, and that’s what makes up special. From being famous for all of this, there is a good chance that we shall become famous for producing a group of entrepreneurs who believe in themselves that they shall change an entire industry with their company.

Kakinada, Kakinada Smart City, Startups in Kakinada, Travel startups
Image: Mr. Vlogger

If you remember the article from a year ago, we shared a story of a rider from Kakinada who traveled all across South India on his motorcycle, Interestingly, they were about to start a startup and in the process of making their dream come true.

TRAVELING, Two sides of a Coin

Traveling as we know is the coolest thing we can do as of this generation, it helps to reset our mind from all the stress and strain of everyday life, it brightens us from inside, makes us a better person in many unimaginable ways. But, like everything in this world, just like every coin, it has a second side, a darker one indeed.

Kakinada, Kakinada Smart City, Startups in Kakinada, Travel startups
Image: Mr. Vlogger

Travelling could be the most dangerous hobby ever, if not done right, we are increasing the probability of accidents by traveling for long hours. Accidents are uncontrollable, even if we took precautions from our side, the other party could be as reckless as you can imagine. But, we still can make our travel safe by doing two things, 1. By having faith in God & 2. By wearing all the safety gear you possibly can, which will reduce the damage to the rider.


They pitched an Idea to create a startup which directly makes travel enthusiasts like themselves safe and make the travel very affordable. How? They shall rent high-end to normal safety travel gear like from tents, sleeping bags to Helmets and Jackets etc., at very affordable prices for the segment of the audience.

So, this idea of rent the safety gear at very affordable prices,  which actually costs really expensive if you want to buy at an individual level. “By this, we may or may not get a very good profit initially, but shall make every rider have a safe ride with high-end gear at affordable prices and most importantly, the satisfaction that bikers like us are safe through them”, Sai Bhagyaraj, One of the spearhead of the idea told us.


This group is young, all under 22, just came out of college, so they probably cannot afford to start on their own this high success probability scoped startup. So, instead of going to their parents for money, they are investing their own hard earned money and also looking another way around i.e., crowdfunding, and they are asking for our help.

So, if you can help, please contribute to their campaign, how small it could ever be, it still helps in building the startup successfully, which actually benefits the travelers directly. Here’s his Facebook post about his idea & crowdfunding the startup.

Please Take time to Read & support their idea. Contribute the Startup by crowdfunding now

Let’s appreciate the whole team for pursuing their dreams & building their startup by breaking the stereotypes of one should blindly do the job after graduation. We wish you all the very best for your bright future. Hope we see you as a successful entrepreneur and Kakinada as a home for a successful startup.

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