Did you know? Ravana temple in our Kakinada is 1 of the 4 temples in whole India?

Ravana Temple in Kakinada, MahaKumbabhishekam in Kakinada, Ravan Temple in Kakinada

While Ravana was considered a demon in Indian mythology, there are various places in which the people see Ravana as a figure of God and also worship him for his knowledge and power.

Whatever it might be, Our Kakinada is home to one of the 4 Ravana temples that existed in whole India and our Kakinada is a city in Andhra Pradesh and the only place in the Andhra Pradesh where Ravana was worshiped.

Ravana Temple in Kakinada, MahaKumbabhishekam in Kakinada, Ravan Temple in Kakinada
Ravana Temple in Kakinada |

Famously called Sri Adhi Kumbeswara Swamy Temple (మహాకుమ్బబిషేకం ఆలయం) was built in 1990 by an Indian industrialist, politician, film producer, and a philanthropist Shri Dr. T. Subbirami Reddy. 

T Subbirami Reddy
T Subbirami Reddy | Courtesy: Indian Billgates

 The images of Ravana are seen associated with Lord Shiva nearby huge Shivalinga in Kakinada. We can observe the Lankan king’s admiration for Lord Shiva as is evident by a gigantic Shivling mural. Here Ravan and Lord Shiva co-exist in this temple.

It is believed that Ravana chose the site to build a temple of Lord Shiva. The temple is located close to the beach and is a famous tourist spot.


It is situated close to the beautiful beach, where Kakinada Fishing Jetty on right & Kakinada Deep Water Port on the Left, this temple also gives a picturesque view. Though there are Shiva idols inside the temple, a huge ten-faced idol stands tall at the entrance of the temple.

Special Puja’s and Abhishekam’s is celebrated for every Karthikamasam & Mahasivarathri, especially Maha Kumbhabhishekam is very famous in this temple.

Address: Kumbeswara Swamy Temple, Beach Road, Kakinada – 05, Opp.Port Administration Building.

Distance: Rail- 3.69 km, Bus- 3.29 km

Source: IndiaToday, Internet

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